Tuesday Delivery

Why we’re here:

Dig It Local understands that consumers are becoming far more educated on the detriments of large agribusiness. Their preference for the superior quality and taste of local food, their desire to support local agriculture, their concern over food-safety, and knowing where one’s food comes from is often hindered by an inability to easily access local food options.

The Dig It Local service will integrate into consumers’ busy schedules allowing them to both order and receive local food at their workplace. Consumers will have access to local farmers and food producers, including descriptions of their growing and production methods, from a friendly online interface. They can browse by item or vendor and will receive a weekly delivery of fresh
local food.

How it works:

Farmers and food vendors from the Harvard Square farmers’ market post their goods to the online market on a weekly basis. Participating buyers then browse the site, learn about the farmers, food vendors, and their products and place weekly orders for local food, selecting their options by item or producer.

The Dig It Local team meets the vendors at the market, collects the bulk orders and packages them into individual boxes for delivery to our customers at their place of work.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to extend existing markets for local farms, extend consumer access to local food, and facilitate the relationship between producer, consumer and the food community.